T H E  S T O R Y  B E H I N D


Sinepeak Productions also known as heysinepeak are a team of creative enthusiasts based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


We started with one goal, tell compelling stories through the art of cinematography. Composed of 2 pioneer creatives, our little company has managed to build a workflow specially catered to create a cinematic experience for our clients.


We specialize in weddings/events and creative video content for brands, businesses and digital influencers. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and yes, we love what we do and that's why you are here! We are the solutions to help your business or any type of client’s ideas the talk of the town.

C O R E  T E A M


Syaffiq Lajis

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Syaffiq strong sense of visual storytelling is driven by the fact that he found his way into directing through cinematography.

Puteri Hanis

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A natural born problem-solver, Puteri knows how to make a project successful by combining her management skills with creativity.